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My First Book

My book “Advertising Strategies” is an easy reading and extremely useful marketing and advertising tool. Written expressly for the small to intermediate size business owner. This book goes into much detail on strategies that will save you money while increasing your ROI…
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No Risk Advertising

We will use several marketing vehicles, track the incoming calls and direct them to you. You the business owner will pay for the appointment only and your results are guaranteed to bring in double your investment at minimum…
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Advertising Consultant
and Placement

In most cases, every category requires different direction. By asking a few questions I will be able to suggest a direction that will be your best advertising vehicles to spend your dollars on. My team and I will be able to establish a beginning ROI (return on Investment) which will give us our mark to beat every month. Winning is not luck, it is a process… advertising get more information image


“The Book: Advertising Strategies”           “Introducing No Risk Advertising!”       


My goal is to be a very important tool for your business. My experience is in all types of Advertising vehicles from TV to Internet. My team and I I will be able to show you what will work best for your business and why. With TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Transit Shelters, Buses, Malls, Internet Marketing, Billboards, Cinema, Magazine, Stadium, Commercial Production, Social Media, Creative Strategies, Jingles, Web development and more at your finger tips your win is in reach. Know this, Winning is not luck, it is a process.

By getting these answers to who is your client, customer or patient? Do you go to them or do they come to you? What is the Demographic? What is your geographical area of your pull? What is your budget? What are you doing now? What is working and what is not? What is your current ROI (Return on Investment)? Explain Product and or service and more I will be able to direct your dollars to vehicles that will result in your win.