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About John Shandra The Equalizer

about John SHandra the Equalizer

About John Shandra…
A Native of California

John has been selling advertising space for thirty-five years and has been an Advertising Account Executive for over twenty years. Placing millions of advertising dollars for business entrepreneurs like you! He teaches what works and why in his first book Advertising Strategies.

I have been in the Marketing and Advertising field for over thirty years. Placing millions of Advertising dollars for business entrepreneurs like you. Most of all, I teach you how to squeeze the highest level of results out of your advertising investments. (ROI)

~ Better result for Less Investment
~ Engage in Advertising Reps language
~ Proven Tactics that Increase Your ROI
~ and Much More

You are in a battle whether you like it or even know it. This battle is with all the advertising vehicle reps and their managers. They are trying to get as much of your advertising dollars for what is best for their company. You, the business owner, is trying to spend the least amount of your advertising dollars to produce the best results for your company. This book is to give you the tools to win not only the battle but the war.

John Shandra the Equalizer

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