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Why Marketing Advertising Placement? In this fast pace world of constant changing ideas and direction to find what will work for your product or service, a lot will be taken into consideration. Location of your business, your reach, your customer, patient or client, are they coming to you or are you going to them, ethnic group, seasonal, cost factor, need of return, setting an ROI, starting investment. Many other elements can fall into play.

The ability to change direction and move dollars is also important. Controlling our direction and not allowing long term agreement is a key. Flexibility as to what a vehicle can do for us is also important. The investment you determine should be the minimum that you can spend for a length of 6 months and then adjust from there. It is not what you can put towards your business for a month and then die, it is what you can invest consistently month in and month out. My team and I will strive to get you the business owner, the best ROI possible.

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