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Show your Business concept is to give business owner the chance to introduce them selves and connecting them with their product, restaurant or service. To be able to talk direct to you community on how you conduct your business is of most importance in today’s easy to share experiences relating to your company by reviews. No longer is the only way to share your experience with the community through the BBB but now it is at everyone fingertip through their phone via yelp and many other review type vehicles. This is an image and awareness vehicle that has low cost and if consistent with term you will be able to stand out from the crowd your competitors. The shows will be in Categories and each category will only have 20 possible business showing their stuff in their county. Restaurants, Legal, Entertainment, Home improvement and Medical will be the categories in each county. When you are one of the 20 business in your county, you will not be able to be replaced as long as you stay in. This will require a onetime fee for your production of your commercial that you will own and be able to use in any TV forum.

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